Buy and sell among your friends and people in your area.

Online shopping just got better.
Ev is selling Vans Era Shoes for $65
Tony is selling BMX Fantasy Bike Limited Edition for $350
David is selling iPhone 5S for $490

Network of people you trust

Keep it simple. Step out of the cold impersonal world of online commerce. lets you buy and sell among your friends, neighbors, or with the general public in a safe, warm, and friendly environment.

User friendly interface has built the new standard for privacy, security and simplicity for buying and selling online.
Finally... something you would expect from hi-tech world.


Simple pricing

The listing is always free with no hidden fees and small text, and you don’t have to pay a percentage on the items once you’ve sold them! It’s free — seriously!

Your location is the key

After entering your zip code you can find items for sale near you and the potential buyers in your vicinity. You’ll be able to save on shipping costs while making new friends along the way. Maybe your neighbor, across the hall or across the street has the wicker coffee table you’ve been yearning to find.


Available soon on your iOS devices

We are working hard to bring you the best selling and buying mobile application very soon!